On June 16-17, 2022, Bermuda HealthCare Services welcomed Warwick Academy student Teizh Hall as part of her school’s student Work Experience Program. The aim is for the student to gain insight into the expectations of the world of work, enabling the development of social skills while broadening their career plans.

Teizh, who is interested in a career in nursing, had a productive two days during which she learned what it’s like to work in an outpatient clinical setting. During Teizh’s time with Bermuda Healthcare Services, she shadowed BHCS’s Registered Nurses, Mariane Umali and Jamie Leoncio.

The Year 10 student observed how to take blood pressure, triage patients, and communicate effectively. Teizh also witnessed an EKG being performed, observed patients getting bloodwork, and watched the scheduling of patients and follow-ups concerning results. Additionally, she observed patient calls regarding their prescriptions and patient-related messages.

Throughout the two days, Teizh showed initiative and expressed a high level of interest. A BHCS Medical Director, Dr. Mahesh Reddy, commented,” Bermuda Healthcare Services was delighted to assist Teizh with placement for her work experience. It was a pleasure to have Teizh, and our team wishes her all the best with her future career endeavours.”