We believe strongly that medical care should be provided in an organized, consistent manner. Therefore, our focus at BHCS is on the Family as a unit, ever mindful of the illnesses which follow genetic patterns.



Using the GE LOGIQ E9, our diagnostic imaging technologists provide echocardiograms or ECHOs enabling analysis of heart conditions. Our technologists hold multiple certifications and credentials in diagnostic imaging.


Our state of the art Siemens Magnetom Espree 1.5T scanner is particularly comfortable for patients who are overweight or claustrophobic. An MRI can provide different kinds of information than normal X-rays, CT scans and ultrasound examinations. The entire process is painless. Most MRI’s take approximately 30 to 90 minutes to complete.

CT Scan

Computed Tomography Scans, commonly refered to as “CT” or CAT scans is a sophisticated diagnostic procedure capable of showing anotomy at different levels within the body, a feature not possible with X-Ray technology. We provide our CT services at our sister clinic, the Brown-Darrell Clinic, and use a Siemens Somatom Sensation 64, which is one of the fastest and most advanced 64 slice CT systems. The Seimens 64 slice scanner offers quick, painless exams using powerful cutting-edge CT technology which can capture thousands of images in seconds. For the safety and peace of mind of patients, Brown-Darrell has a consulting physician whose only responsibility is the well-being of each and every CT patient.


BHCS uses a quantum imaging system allowing for upright and supine images of the body, ultimately allowing our staff to process x-rays in minutes.

Using this technology, BHCS offers patients the ability, via walk-in or appointment, to secure Department of Immigration chest X-Rays via CD or film usually in 45 minutes or less.

Executive Physicals

Since our inception, BHCS has offered comprehensive physical examinations, including laboratory studies. The examination is a thorough one and patients should be prepared to spend a minimum of 2 hours in the clinic.